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Laptop Writing

What's Included in the Gold Package?

Custom Domain: We help your business stand out with a custom domain that reflects your brand and makes you easily discoverable online. Plus, the first year of the domain is entirely free.

Free SSL Certificate: We secure your site and your visitors' trust with a free SSL certificate. An SSL certificate encrypts the information transmitted between your website and your visitors, ensuring that personal data remains secure.

10 GB of Storage: With 10 GB of storage, you have ample space to upload and store images, documents, and other files necessary for your website.

Analytics Application: To help you understand your visitors and enhance your website, we provide you with an analytics application that tracks and reports your website traffic.

Web Design and Development: We create an attractive and user-friendly website tailored to your needs using Wix or WordPress, two of the world's most popular and reliable website creation platforms. The package includes the creation of a main page and two alternative pages (like the "About" and "Contact" pages).

Gold Web Development Package

Gold Web Development Package

Our Basic Web Development Package is the perfect solution for small businesses and startups looking to establish their online presence effectively and affordably. Using the popular platforms Wix and WordPress, we create a website that includes a free custom domain for the first year, an SSL certificate to protect your data, 10GB of storage, and an analytics application. This package offers a main page and two additional pages, designed to reflect your brand and engage your target audience. Start your online journey with our professional and affordable package.

Diamond Web Development Package 

Our Diamond Web Development Package is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to boost their online presence. Using Wix and WordPress platforms, we create a comprehensive website that includes a free custom domain for the first year, an SSL certificate to protect your data, 35GB of storage, and 10 hours of video.

This package provides more than just a website. It offers a complete e-commerce platform, allowing you to list up to 50,000 products and manage customer payments and accounts directly and efficiently. Furthermore, with the ability to offer subscriptions, you can establish a steady income stream and build a long-term relationship with your customers.

In terms of design, this package offers a main page and four additional pages, customized to reflect your brand identity and attract your target audience. Whether it's the contact page, sales page, information page, or any other page your business needs, we'll design them to be appealing and easy to navigate.

Choose our Diamond Package and take your business to the next level. This is more than a package, it's your strategic online partner, designed to drive your business and help you grow.

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What's Included in the Diamond Package?

Custom Domain: Establish your brand with a free custom domain for the first year.

SSL Certificate: Secure your website transactions and protect your customers' data.

35GB Storage: Ample space to store all your necessary files, images, and videos for your site.

10 Video Hours: Share high-quality video content with your customers.

Capacity for 50,000 Products: Expand your sales possibilities with the ability to list up to 50,000 products.

Customer Payments and Accounts Management: Facilitate your customers' interaction with your store, allowing them to create accounts and manage their payments directly on the site.

Subscription Offers: Create a constant source of income and build long-term relationships with your customers by offering subscriptions.

Web Design and Development: Custom Web Design and Development: Make your site stand out with a main page and four additional pages (Contact, Sales, Information, etc.) designed specifically for your brand.

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